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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, I designed and created a resolution to help with the struggles faced during lockdown. I created a brand that delivers boxes filled with items that combat boredom, lower self-esteem, and boosts peoples’ spirits. My brand ‘Little Moments’ is aimed at 16-25 year old females and intended as personal treats and also for gifting. Little Moments provides ‘Set Savior’ boxes, each with a different persona attached to it, as well as personalised boxes that are perfect for sending to your friend and lifting their spirit during lockdown.

My brand is determined to help the community during these tough times, so for every box purchased, consumers can opt in to give a box to someone vulnerable. A friend, relative, or a vulnerable member of the street; whomever the consumer chooses will receive a personalised box for that someone with one item inside. They then add another item and pass it on and so fourth until the box is filled and then delivered to the chosen individual. 

Set Savior Boxes


Positive. Sociable. Up for a laugh.

Although lockdown has restricted a huge sociable element in society, there’s still time for some home party saviors. This box contains a cocktail making kit, pre-party face masks, mini alcohol bottles, and pub quiz master sheets for you to get the virtual party started through video conferencing sites with your friends.

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Self Care

Loving. Caring. Enjoys mindfulness.

During stressful and uneasy times, this box focuses on looking after yourself during lockdown and taking the time to relax. The box contains a choice of face mask, a bath bomb, a candle, a little bag of mindfulness, containing positivity cards that can either for kept for oneself or passed on to someone else, and mindfulness exercise idea sheets.

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Sporty. Motivated. Energetic. 

With gyms closed due to Covid-19, and as people have extra time, more people are taking the opportunity to better themselves physically and mentally so this box provides the utilities to kickstart home workouts, containing a skipping rope, 3 resistance bands, home workout ideas, a protein brownie, and healthy eating recipes and ideas.

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Crafty. Creative. Up for challenges. 

With people having more time during lockdown, there is opportunity for people to get creative and do things they wouldn’t have necessarily had time for before. This box includes a candle making kit, paint by numbers, a sketchbook and pencils, and 10 wordsearch and crossword puzzles.

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Personalised Boxes

Mix and Match

Photo- based


Spirits can be low during these tough times, so this is the perfect way to show your friends that you are there for them from afar and remind them of the good times that will continue in the foreseeable future. For a great gifting experience, you can customise the front design of these boxes for you and your bestie. 

Mix and match five items from our Set Saviour boxes to create your perfect gift. The message on the inside of the box is also customisable. 

This box contains a personalised print, a photo box, personalised love hearts with qualities you love about your friend, and some personalised memory/ positivity cards. Three retro- styled photos hang on the inside of the box, with an optional message underneath each one

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