To help Campo Viejo, an old world wine brand seeped in tradition, attract new customers and engage existing audiences, I have drawn upon the brands vision of a 'life more colourful', their sustainable ethics, and their iconic blend of grapes, which make them stand out from competitors. Using their traditional wine label that is so highly recognised, but revealing the "hidden" elements in a visual, vibrant way, I have used new world technology, packaging rebranding and a sustainability- driven event to entertain and educate current and new customers to relight the brands unique selling point which I deemed was not being recognised enough. 

Augmented Reality

'Shazam, scan, and soak in' to see this curious tear in the wine bottle come to life. Bursts of colour and elements of Spanish culture pours out through the tear and you become emerged in the Campo Viejo brand. Users’ can then click to find out more about different aspects of the brand, discovering more about their history, brand values, and brand experiences.

Upcycling event

To tie the brands sustainable and colourful efforts together, I created an upcycling event, encouraging people to transform their mundane clothing and items that they may throw away, into icons they love, through exciting and colour driven workshops. These include tie-dye and marbling, tin can, and handmade paper workshops.

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